José Alberto García-Avilés, autor del estudio

Innovation is a colorful and multifaceted term. And precisely because it can be thought and defined on a variety of levels, the communication-science approach to innovations in journalism is extremely diverse. The fact that the subject lacks a uniformly accepted definition of innovations in journalism is due to the terminological imprecision of the term innovation, but also to the dynamics of the object of investigation. Because journalism is subject to profound and permanent changes – especially in times of digital transformation.

New business models and management strategies, tools and technologies, genres and journalistic forms of representation: Which areas are particularly relevant, intensively researched and which are still underrepresented for communication science innovation research? Our project team member José-Alberto García-Avilés dealt with these questions in the context of a content analysis of 302 scientific publications in English and Spanish. His study “Journalism innovation research, a diverse and flourishing field (2000-2020)” in the first edition of the year 2021 of the magazine “El Profesional de la Información” (Vol. 30) offers all those a well-founded overview who want to familiarize themselves with the central paradigms of communication science innovation research. In addition, García-Avilés provides important impulses for future research.