Publication on Innovation Labs in Germany

They are called SWR X Lab, HH Lab, WDR Innovation Hub, DW Lab or ida (MDR/ZDF) – and they drive innovation and transformation in journalism: innovation labs in media companies. More recently, a new generation of innovation labs has emerged, building on the experience of the first labs. Klaus Meier from our project team, together […]

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“JoIn-DemoS”-Projekt auf der Landesgartenschau

Wissenschaft im Transfer: Dieses Ziel verfolgten die wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter Dr. Jonas Schützeneder, Michael Graßl und Korbinian Klinghardt auf der Landesgartenschau in Ingolstadt. Am Pavillon der Katholischen Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt stellten sie am vergangenen Wochenende das “JoIn-DemoS”-Projekt vor und diskutierten mit dem interessierten Publikum über aktuelle Entwicklungen im Journalismus. Welche Innovationen haben den Journalismus in den vergangenen […]

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José Alberto García-Avilés, autor del estudio

Spanish study systematizes communication science innovation research

Innovation is a colorful and multifaceted term. And precisely because it can be thought and defined on a variety of levels, the communication-science approach to innovations in journalism is extremely diverse. The fact that the subject lacks a uniformly accepted definition of innovations in journalism is due to the terminological imprecision of the term innovation, […]

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Start of the Project

Our project started in October 2020. In the initial stage, the research questions RQ 1 and RQ 2 will be addressed:RQ 1: How can journalistic innovations be distinguished, classified, and measured?RQ 2: Are there any differences regarding the types of innovations in countries with similar and/or different media systems? First we work on a definition […]

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