In May, Medienhaus Wien, the Austrian partner of the international JoIn-DemoS project (Journalism Innovation in Democratic Societies), presented the new Journalism Report on local journalism and innovation (Journalismus-Report VII. Lokaljournalismus und Innovation) at the Austrian Press Agency (APA). Andy Kaltenbrunner and Sonja Luef gave an introduction to the contributions of researchers and practitioners from Austria, Germany and Spain on user behaviour and innovative approaches in the wake of the Corona pandemic, on the trend towards hyperlocal community media, on the great lack of digitally native media especially in comparison with southern countries like Spain, and on the urgent need for younger and more diverse local newsrooms with more women in management positions. The results of the first project phase of the JoIn-DemoS project were an essential basis for the journalism report. Christopher Buschow, Bauhaus University Weimar, Sebastian Krause, Kleine Zeitung, Gerold Riedmann, VN, Barbara Tóth, Falter, moderated by Edith Michaeler, then discussed the findings and developments.