Constructive/Slow Journalism

This innovative form of journalism focuses on the search for long-term solutions to problems that affect society as a whole, takes a broad perspective and avoids sensationalism and negativity. This category also includes the new trends in slow journalism that advocate for moving away from noise and immediacy to focus on long-form, thoughtful stories.

Constructive journalism does not try to focus on the problem but on potential solutions. With a view to this reporting pattern, the start-up Perspective Daily is a pioneer on the German media market in constructive journalism. Since 2016, their journalists have been publishing constructive, solution-oriented reports. The start-up was significantly influenced by models from the USA and Canada, as well as from the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Germany | Startups

Tortoise was launched in 2019. The aim of the founders was to work in a different way compared to the traditional press. The aim of Tortoise was to approach journalistic news production more slowly and carefully, in particular regarding the selection and production of contents. They are trying to create a much more open and inclusive editorial process unlike more traditional understandings of the news media, where you must constantly run to breaking the news. Tortoise tries to increase audience engagement, promoting thus a new format that can also be more interesting for younger audiences

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