Personal and Digital Meetings

This category refers to initiatives by media to get in touch with their users in person (face-to-face or digitally) or to connect users with each other. This kind of actions create and strengthen community management on all levels. It also encourages users to get outside their bubbles and to discuss with people of different opinions in a friendly and democratic environment

Der Standard is a daily newspaper founded in 1988. In 1995, it launched its website,, making it one of the first German-language media with an online presence. has always focused on community-building and interaction with its audience, especially through its busy forum. Nevertheless, it also tries to strengthen public discourse on an analogue level. For example, from 2018 a community-project, inspired by the German Die Zeit, called “Österreich spricht” (Austria talks) successfully sought to bring people from very different social, and political positions to the table for a discussion

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