Engagement on the Basis of Data

News organizations attempt to offer their audiences a consumer experience based on their interests and habits. The collection of user data and its subsequent processing to segment the audience and to offer different possibilities for the same product makes it possible. This category includes both the personalisation of advertising and of news content in digital media

The case study “Ländlepunkte” is a program which was launched in 2018 by Vorarlberger Nachrichten (VN), funded by the Google News Initiative. The daily newspaper VN belongs to Russmedia, the biggest regional media company in Vorarlberg. Together with its online channel vol.at, VN is one of the largest regional media groups in Austria and has been an early adopter of digitization since the 1990s. With Ländlepunkte, a system that rewards user loyalty, based on behavioral economics strategies, VN wanted to intensify interaction and engagement with its audience, thus being able to collect data and adjust the offer, via gamification

Austria | Legacy media

Ippen.Media is a network which emerged from the Ippen publishing house. It collects the online activities of various media and is considered a pioneer in the field of audience engagement and one of the first movers of editorial networks in Germany

Germany | Digital natives

El Español is a digital native news media created in 2015 as the result of a crowdfunding campaign with unprecedented success in the Spanish market (3.6 million euros). El Español enrolled in personalized content initiatives back in 2020, when it decided to update its so-called Zona Ñ, a space where subscribers can configure content according to their preferences. All the changes related to personalization have aimed registered users and subscribers as a medium to increase reader revenue and retention

Spain | Digital natives

Star is a self-developed, digital platform, an aggregation of different components offering various solutions for monetiziation, recommendation or semantics. This initiative was launched about seven years ago. In terms of investment, Star is the biggest innovation currently underway at Ringier media company

Switzerland | Legacy media

The Financial Times has an ample data department. It was developed to help journalists better understand their audiences. The Financial Times has developed an analytical tool that can be used directly by journalists, and the data department sends daily information to the journalists to inform them about the data that has been collected about specific content. The aim of the system is to offer a personalized and contextualized data analysis that goes beyond simple metrics, to offer a detailed analysis of the audiences and their activities in order to be able to provide information according to the target audiences

United Kingdom | Legacy media