Foundation Funding

The establishment of journalistic organisations in the legal form of non-profit foundations promotes the social mission of the media and the possibilities and limitations it entails for the revenue model. Through this type of formulas, the media facilitate their editorial independence, as they can better access revenue streams such as donations or public subsidies reserved for this type of organisations. Moreover, the foundations’ mission is to serve a social good

porCausa is a foundation made up of experts, researchers and journalists who approach migration issues from the perspective of data and investigative journalism. It is one of the few journalistic foundations in Spain that have proven to be sustainable over time, as well as having a strong social component in its approaches and objectives

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The Conversation is a network of non-profit media outlets grounded on the collaboration between scholars and journalists. The Conversation was launched in Australia in 2011 but it was founded in Australia in 2011, but has editorial offices in the UK, the US, France, Africa, Indonesia, Spain and Canada. They cover a large spectrum of news, from politics to sports, from society, to health sciences. Its main characteristic is to build a bridge between academia and the broader public, sharing the knowledge universities produce with the citizens. When it comes to the actual production process, there is a collaboration between academics and the editors as both need to agree on the content for it to be published. It is mainly funded by universities and partner memberships

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