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This innovation involves approaching new audiences differently and engaging them outside the usual media distribution channel. The usefulness of social media to increase online traffic and user engagement is also considered an incremental innovation that has been adopted by media in the last decade

ORF is the public service broadcaster, the largest media company in Austria and the market leader in TV, radio and online journalism. ZIB (Zeit im Bild) is Austria’s most important TV news program on ORF. With early attempts on WhatsApp and Facebook, the ORF ZIB social media team was a pioneer in providing and adapting a legacy media house news format for social media. However, ORF as the public broadcaster was strictly limited by law in what it could do in social media. Now, among other things, they produce the ZIB100, which is a 100 second high-format news program, available on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok

Austria | Public media

Tagesschau is the best-known news brand in Germany and part of SRF, a German public broadcaster. They were one of the first media organizations in Germany to experiment in the field of social media There are now up to 60 people working for the various accounts on the different social media platforms

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Sphera Sports is a small digital-only sports news outlet born. Unlike other media, it does not see social media as a mere distribution channel, but as its core. Despite their low consumption via webpage, they do have a great reach and engagement in social media

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Tagesschau, the news flagship of the German-speaking Swiss broadcaster SRF, has been experimenting with news on TikTok. An experimental phase was conducted with social media content in a different format. They now finished the commissioning phase and moved into regular operation by 2023. So far, two articles are published each week

Switzerland | Public media

The BBC has also invested significantly in its social media strategy over the years. Early on it has tried to create new storytelling formats for different audiences, including younger audiences, using, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. One of the BBC’s main goals was to reach users who would not normally read or watch the news on more traditional channels. In this way, the BBC increases audience engagement, especially among younger people

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