Local Journalism

Although the most relevant innovations have taken place in the big media and publishing houses, the regional press has not lagged behind. Besides covering news within small communities, local newsrooms also allow for more interaction with citizens, who can easily collaborate with journalists. Local journalism innovations include economic and collaborative dynamics and a specialized focus on local and community-based topics

Tsüri is a community-based, debate-oriented local media startup in the Zurich media space that networks with other media startups and is also active in media policy. Its strategy is a combination between online and analogue local journalism, targeting younger people with event series. A concept which did not exist in this form in the Zurich area before

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The Bureau Local, launched in 2017is part of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and is a UK-based newsroom that works on several local stories. It arises from the crisis of local journalism and the idea that the solution could be open and collaborative journalism. It focuses on news that are not usually reported in the media concerning inequality, diversification, and the right to representation. The Bureau Local does that through a bottom-up approach to deep community. It is a collaborative project that tries to create a strong network throughout local newsrooms by creating a shared infrastructure

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