This label encompasses the sending of email newsletters to subscribing users summarising important information on a topic, geographic area or news focus. It is a revival of old products that, with modifications, provide value in today’s media ecosystem. Newsletters offer an editorial experience and are not a mere collection of links, but offer journalistic analysis and thus build audience loyalty. The intimacy and the personal tone of the newsletter’s author influence the success of these initiatives

Falter is a legacy media weekly paper with a focus on Vienna (mainly politics, culture), but it also known for its investigative journalism on national issues. Thus, it became one of the rare print products that was able to significantly expand its readership in the past decade. With its newsletters (the first was Falter.maily), Falter was a pioneer in providing edited content via email. The Falter.Morgen is a free daily morning newsletter. On the one hand, it reports on (hyper-)local topics, on the other hand, it picks up on topics that already exist in the Falter publishing environment with its weekly paper, restaurant and event guides

Austria | Legacy media

Kloshletter is a daily newsletter conceived, edited and distributed by a single journalist, Charo Marcos. It is the first independent newsletter of general news to be published in Spain, being pioneer in conceiving the newsletter not just as a distribution channel, but as the backbone of the project. It contains the five main news stories of the day and other short sections. Currently, Kloshletter has over 26,000 subscribers. 

Spain | One-person media

Heidi.News is an online magazine (focus on health and science) from Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In 2019 Heidi.News began to exist through newsletters. There were newsletters before there was a medium website. Nowadays, eight different newsletters exist like “Le Point du Jour”, “Le Point Climat» or “Heidimanche”

Switzerland | Digital natives