Niche Media

In this innovation we group together media companies that address a very specific target group with their journalistic offerings and focus, for example, on a topic that receives less attention in broad reporting. In opposition to the search for scale in generalist media, these companies seek for a smaller but much more interested audience. This way, it is easier to fund user revenue models and also to charge a bigger advertising fee, as messages are directed towards a well segmented market

Babanews was founded about five years ago by two people. The medium wants to transform the current portrayal of migrants into a portrayal at eye level, addressing aspects that do not appear in other media. This requires a diverse editorial composition and an editorial culture that also allows for these different voices

Switzerland | Digital natives

On Our Radar was founded in 2012. Its goal is to bring together the values of the community work with the power of mainstream media. It is a “Niche Media” type of innovation. They want to increase citizen voice, which means to incorporate the community as well as its needs into the news production. On Our Radar wants to tell stories of those who are excluded or at the margins of news reporting, and it wants to be more inclusive towards those who do not see themselves reflected properly in the main press, and therefore include them in the narration of the news

United Kingdom | Digital natives