Other financing models

This residual category includes mentions of innovations in marketing that do not fit into other categories such as paywalls or donations. Some examples are live events organized by publishers or B2B news or communication services, which serve as an additional source of revenue

In order to counter falling advertising revenues in particular and the crisis-ridden economic situation in journalism in general, media companies are resorting to diversified financing strategies. The constructive journalism start-up Relevanzreporter, founded in 2020 by Alexandra Haderlein, combines different forms of financing (e.g. membership model, donation model, crowdfunding, foundation money) and pays attention to a strong involvement of the community, for example in impulses for stories and concrete research. With the help of reporting, trust in journalism is to be regained and democracy strengthened

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Axate proposes an alternative business model that puts publishers and readers in direct touch. It is based on simplifying the subscription and payment processes for users. People only pay for the articles they would like to read, not for the entire editorial offering of the newspaper or the magazine. This model allows users to remain more flexible, without having to commit to a subscription, while journalists can profit from the simple payment model. They can also start to create a community of regular readers. Being more flexible model compared to a subscription, it allows readers to cater to their preferences, which allow all kinds of audiences to find content they like

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