Para-journalistic Initiatives

This innovation encompasses the influence of actors who may not actually be journalists in a classical way,  but who work through journalistically or para-journalistically methods. It contemplates the production of personal blogs, videos and live broadcasts through digital platforms, with Youtube and Twitch as main exponents. The use of these channels appeal to young audiences through the use of different formats, rhythms and codes, which are more casual, personal and interactive

Mr Underdog is a sports journalism project that has gathered a huge audience outside traditional channels. With an accurate strategy, they have managed to harvest more than 70,000 subscribers on Youtube, almost 20,000 followers on Twitch and 35,000 followers on Twitter

Spain | Digital natives

Web video performance of Swiss journalist Tamara Wernli on social media, especially on Youtube. Wernli comments on socially discussed topics, often combined with humor or satire. She does not see herself as a journalist in this role but as a social observer and entertainer. Her video channel started about five years ago. What Wernli offers filled a gap: Social criticism in video form was almost non-existent in Switzerland before

Switzerland | One-person media