Tools and Management/Remote Work

Telework is identified as an innovation following its implementation in most newsrooms due to the health crisis in 2020. Media work can also be done remotely in many cases, without affecting the product, although methods of sharing knowledge do need to be refined. Besides, newsrooms designed communication systems and adapted workflows, increasing the use of Zoom, Teams or Meet, and other tools such as WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram to coordinate. They also worked extensively on the development of content management systems or VPNs

VRM is a media company which emerged from a publishing house. They implemented new tools for the newsrooms they are working with and tried to make journalistic work future-proof through new software

Germany | Legacy media

Heraldo de Aragón is a leading regional newspaper of information about the Autonomous Community of Aragon created in Zaragoza in 1895. In March 2020, due to the pandemic, almost the entire staff left the newsroom to work from home, a strategy that was already designed in advance and that allowed forced telework to be implemented quickly and agilely.

Spain | Legacy media

The We.Publish foundation is an entrepreuneurial project aimed at providing media startups with an open source infrastructure (e.g. a content management system), that addresses the needs of affiliated media startups and that is independent of legacy media houses. Four national media startups with a focus on “local journalism” are working with the infrastructure so far (Bajour, tsü, Kultz and Hauptstadt)

Switzerland | Digital natives