Entrepreneurial journalism

Cost-cutting and the technologicalisation of newsrooms have led many journalists, new or established, to decide to become a sort of one-man media to do independent journalism with added value. This innovation encompasses brand journalism practitioners such as bloggers, newsletter writers, freelancers and those developing new independent business models

In 2015, journalist Johannes Huber gave up his job as deputy editor-in-chief at Vorarlberger Nachrichten and launched diesubstanz.at as a blog and newsletter. In addition, he writes as a freelancer and columnist for various media. As one of very few examples in Austria so far, he could live, thanks to 300 regular and 2,500 occasional supporters altogether (modestly) from diesubstanz.at only. His aim is to make independent journalism with added value, as a supplement to the existing offer and without pressure from the advertising industry or other stakeholders

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