Diversity and Inclusion

Media initiatives can help disseminate and establish diversity and inclusion aspects and thus fulfil the needs for the representation of different groups. This innovation refers to diverse newsrooms as a prerequisite for a more balanced and realistic representation of society, as well as the production of content with a focus on race, gender, migration background and representatives of social minorities

The Biber academy has been part of the Viennese magazine Das Biber since around 2012. In Austria with its very low degree of diversity in newsrooms, the magazine employs almost exclusively journalists with migration history. Every year, the academy offers about twelve scholarships, especially for young journalists with migration background, which include mentoring, workshops and practice for entering journalism to make subsequently newsrooms in traditional media more diverse. The magazine and academy are financed by advertisements, sponsorship and public funding

Austria | Startups

Auf Klo! is a digital format founded in 2016. It belongs to the public broadcasting initiative for a younger target group. It was established as an alternative media offering, that maps and educates everyday issues of young people. It was one of the first formats to discuss queer feminist topics in German media

Germany | Public media

Pikara Magazine is an entrepreneurial project with an intersectional feminist perspective. It was born in November 2010 from the Basque network of journalists as an online media, although today it has a printed magazine. It is committed to different dimensions of diversity, as well as to economic issues on, for example, care work

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Chance 50:50 is a flagship diversity project at Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG. The project primarily revolves around ensuring that women are better represented in reporting. The idea for editorial teams is to participate voluntarily. Launched by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, various TV stations around the world already joined in

Switzerland | Public media

Black Ballad began as a free blog site in 2014. The founder wanted to create a platform where black women could express themselves freely, while also writing about topics that are often overlooked by mainstream news media. The newsroom is characterized as a innovation in relation to “diversity and inclusion” goven that it improves media diversity, giving voice to a minority community. In 2017, Black Ballad has been relaunched with a paid membership model and a paywall that allowed black women to be paid to write for the site

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