Author: Michael Graßl

JoIn-DemoS-Meeting in Winterthur

The research project “Innovations in journalism in democratic societies: Index, influence and prerequisites in international comparison” (JoIn-DemoS) has taken another step towards the end of the project: From March 23 to 25, nearly 20 researchers from five countries met in Winterthur for the second-to-last joint workshop. JoIn-Demos started in October 2020 and is funded by […]

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First results published in paper

After nearly two years and over a hundred interviews conducted, the first cross-national results of the “JoIn-DemoS” project have been published in an international paper. The article identifies and analyzes the most important journalistic innovations in Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in the last decade. It compares them and analyzes differences. These […]

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First results presented at conference

Prof. Dr. Klaus Meier and his project team of Korbinian Klinghardt, Michael Graßl and Jonas Schützeneder presented the first results from the “JoIn-DemoS” project at the annual DGPuK specialist group conference on journalism research/journalism (Sept. 15-17, 2021). At the Bundeswehr University in Munich, they presented “Innovative is Relative: Identification and Dimensions of Innovation Types in […]

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